Logline: Years of resentment spill out over a meal of channa masala. A short comedy sketch about a group of desi cousins at the kids table.

Director's Statement: I wanted to depict characters who fit the label ‘Muslim’ in a relatable setting. Most depictions of Muslims in television and film show Islam as a source of conflict for the characters. In Kids Table, Islam is in the background. It informs where where the characters come from, but the source of their conflict is more universal: wanting respect from their family.

The video was a filmmaker-of-color led production: the cast was comprised solely of South Asian American actors and the crew and post-production was roles were filled by filmmakers of color.

Writer/Director: Saleem Nasir Gondal

Producer: Priya Mulgaonkar

Cast: Thahitun Mariam, Neil Sharma, Priya Nair, Ali Chaudhri, Faria Chaudhry and Kamal Badhey

Cinematography: Wale Olukayode

Sound: Jonathan Haigler

Editor: Nadia Awad