Screened as part of Global Divestment Week Mobilization 2017 at Loophole Berlin and was awarded the Merit Award at the Awareness Festival in 2017. 

Logline: A fateful encounter the night before a hurricane puts Mina's ideals to the test. A drama about finding your way as the world crumbles around you.   

Director's Statement: The sound design pits the howl of the storm against the music of the party, setting the tone for the conflict in the film. Will the impending flood propel Mina into action against the storm which will affect the city's most vulnerable, or is she too overwhelmed by the scope of the crisis? With Harold, a scientist who shared her passion when he was her age, she grapples with the question haunting her the most: does she have in it her to keep going? 

I made Before the Flood to tackle the same question. Despite film production being a notoriously wasteful process, we followed environmentally-sustainable practices on set to cut down on carbon emissions. Craft services were vegetarian and prepared with ingredients from local supermarkets and bodegas, food waste was composted and by shooting at a location only blocks away from an equipment rental house in Brooklyn, we negated the need to rent vehicles for transportation. While there are more measures to take in significantly reducing the environmental impacts of film production, our dedication to the proper precautions shows how easily the carbon footprint of a film set can be reduced.

When I wrote the screenplay in 2015, I wanted to depict the internal struggle activists face when the future they're fighting for remains out of sight. Today, that challenge remains more relevant than ever. If there’s a way through the climate crisis, Mina realizes it won’t be found by drinking your sorrows away. It’ll take the courage the see the storm to its end. 


Writer/Director: Saleem Nasir Gondal

Producer: Oliver Finley

Cast: Catherine Ang, Michael Horowitz, Allie Leonard

Assistant Director: Coren Helene-Gitomer

Cinematography: Colton Hyunh

Sound: Mihir Chitale & Brandon Valentin

Gaffer: Jacob White

Production Design: Rachel Brown

Make-up: Rachel Lopez

Editor: Costanza Maio

Composer: Evan Viola

Color: Clarence Deng

Post Supervisor: Ryan Carríon

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