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Super Sonic

A hard-of-hearing individual who finds love on the dance floor. An ode to the power of body language, music, listening and empathy.

Narrative | Drama | 15m | 2019

Super Sonic Poster.png

Starring: Saleem Nasir Gondal, DaMonique Ballou, Ryan J Haddad, Alisha Bhaumik, Michael Horowitz

Written & Directed by Saleem Nasir Gondal

Produced by Sofia Geld

Cinematography & Color by Adewale Olukayode

Edited by Rachel Lawlor

Sound Design & Post Production Mix by Brandon Valentin

Poster by Shraddha Maharjan



Austin Film Festival, Austin TX 

TIDE Film Festival, Brooklyn NY 

NYC City Parks Movies Under The Stars

Visual Communications Asian Pacific Virtual Showcase 

43rd Asian American International Film Festival 

South Asian Film Festival of America 



New Cinema Club Vol.18


Incluvie Film Festival 

Escapist Cinema of South Asia 


TIDE Filmmakers in the House 


Kaleidoscope Stories at the Delhi Art Gallery, New York, NY 


The Cult Club Cinema, Karachi, Pakistan


Shared Studios Portal at the Africa Center, New York NY/Lagos, Nigeria/Erbil, Iraq/Berlin, Germany  


NYC South Asian Film Festival, New York, NY 


Adirondack Film Festival, Glens Falls, NY 


Mustard Seed Film Festival, Philadelphia PA 


Chicago South Asian Film Festival, Chicago IL 

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